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9 juin 2019 top

Laroche modernise ses effilocheuses
1 août 2013 top
In an effort to always provide the most up to date technologies in tearing and opening machines, Laroche is happy to inform you of its latest developments.

new “EXEL” tearing machine (replacing the FIRST)
The medium sized machine has been completely redesigned and is now called “EXEL”. The major improvements are:
The feeding system is the same as the “JUMBO” series' with a 200mm diameter feed roller insuring little deflection even on 2m wide machines. This results in increased opening capacity. The perforated cage and the rollers of the condensing sections are now all driven by shaft mounted motoreducers, which eliminates a number of chains and sprockets and reduces downtime for maintenance, cleaning and repairs. The perforated cage is readily accessible for cleaning.

upgraded “JUMBO” tearing machine
The “JUMBO” condensing section has also been redesigned with shaft mounted motoreducers and the complete unit now easily slides out for maintenance and cleaning. The design changes have increased machine productivity by reducing the need for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and decreasing cleaning time.

Both “JUMBO” and “EXEL” are available in 1000, 1500, 2000mm working widths as well as the “JUMBO-EXEL DC” combination and as single cylinder openers. Easy operator controls on JUMBO & EXEL.
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