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11 août 2018 top


New Winder from ATF Automation - Italy
29 août 2017 top
New Winder Packaging Palettizing (Customized Solutions)
Three axes turret winder with Splicers and Robot.
Look to the website (video)

Techtextil - Your Centre of Innovation
9 mai 2017 top

Techtextil,welcomes you to Frankfurt from 9-12 May 2017
With more than 1.300 exhibitors and around 27.500 visitors
Techtextil is the world's central marketing and sourcing platform for users and manufacturers.
Discounted tickets are available online at

4 mar 2015 top
Regarding the ICE show in Munich (10-12 March 2015)
we confirm that the company Burckhardt will show the last innovation for hot and cold perforation as well as for fibrillation ! Burckhardt acts all over the world as leading producer of: Perforation rings and tools, perforation machines,perforation service & pilot runs, fibrillation of classical tapes and elastic or recycled tapes (Shark system).

ATF Automations - Italy
4 mar 2015 top
Regarding the ICE Europe, International Converting Exhibition, we confirm that the company ATF Automation will show the automatic winding and packaging machine for flexible products, the customised In&Off line solutions for handling,packaging and palletizing of rolls&reels from slitting/rewinding machine.
Development of tailor-cut installations according to customer's requirements !

FESPA Digital 2014 - Munich
19 mai 2014 top
Regarding FESPA Munich Exhibition, we confirm that the company Reggiani Macchine will exhibit the ReNOIR for paper digital printing machine.
You are welcome in Hall A1 Booth N° 358

Reggiani Macchine
23 août 2013 top
Look on YouTube to the ReNOIR Plus Reggiani Macchine digital textile printer 3400 mm and the new ReNOIR K 16 !

Recognized by customers to be the best digital textile printer of the latest years / YouTube ReNOIR Plus Reggiani

Program of the European Coating Congress
8 août 2013 top
Our 3 suppliers will give a high-level technical lectures focused on innovative developments.
Advanced Foam Technology (Hansa Mixer - D)
Coated textile needs flexibel heat (Weiss Technik Belgium)
Environmental coating and laminating of technical textiles (Klieverik -NL) or

1 août 2013 top
Bodewes Material Solutions has a spectrum of nitrogen phosphor based flame retardant products.

AboFlame WN - Anorganic solution in water, based on nitrogen and phosphor. The product is useful for natural as well as synthetic fabrics and high flame retardant levels can be reached. The product gives a soft and dry touch.

AboFlame WRP - Cyclic phosphonic acid ester product for durable flame retardant effects on polyester.

Laroche modernise ses effilocheuses
1 août 2013 top
In an effort to always provide the most up to date technologies in tearing and opening machines, Laroche is happy to inform you of its latest developments.

new “EXEL” tearing machine (replacing the FIRST)
The medium sized machine has been completely redesigned and is now called “EXEL”. The major improvements are:
The feeding system is the same as the “JUMBO” series' with a 200mm diameter feed roller insuring little deflection even on 2m wide machines. This results in increased opening capacity. The perforated cage and the rollers of the condensing sections are now all driven by shaft mounted motoreducers, which eliminates a number of chains and sprockets and reduces downtime for maintenance, cleaning and repairs. The perforated cage is readily accessible for cleaning.

upgraded “JUMBO” tearing machine
The “JUMBO” condensing section has also been redesigned with shaft mounted motoreducers and the complete unit now easily slides out for maintenance and cleaning. The design changes have increased machine productivity by reducing the need for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and decreasing cleaning time.

Both “JUMBO” and “EXEL” are available in 1000, 1500, 2000mm working widths as well as the “JUMBO-EXEL DC” combination and as single cylinder openers. Easy operator controls on JUMBO & EXEL.

Biancalani new Airo 24
13 juin 2013 top
Airo 24 is the air flow drying - softening - finishing machine in continuous and open width. The performances of Airo 24 leave behind all limitations of a continuous drying device, i.e. productivity less cost per meter versus quality, and all limitations of so-called “tumbling” devices, i.e. quality versus productivity.
Dipping the fabric with softeners and drying it in a tenter is the way most of the mills finish the fabric. Today it is internationally required to add value to the fabric during the drying step. The appearance and hand properties of the fabric remain unchanged when finishing in a tenter (foulard and ram).
“Tumbling type” devices match today’s demand for quality finishing. Their typical function is to apply a mechanical action to the fabric and revitalize the fibre, which is the best additional step the fabric needs to increase its quality. Along with the pros the cons are: risk of repeatability from batch to batch, pilling, human labour, opening of the rope, too high a cost per meter.
Imagine… drying power, speed and versatility together with the inimitable Airo® hand all blended in one unique compact machine. Drying power reaching 400 kg/h (600.000 kcal) and if required by special treatments temperature up to 200°C (gas burner). As a result of the long experience on Airo Due and Quattro and thanks to the internal air flow designed and patented by Biancalani Airo 24 makes it possible that its 700.000 kcal can evaporate such a big amount of water while treating the fabric consistently. Even when entering with a 90% residual humidity the average speed does not drop below 10 m/min and the maximum reaches 40 m/min when treating light fabric. The fabric is dried evenly and progressively along the process. Permanent hand crash and clean production independently from the softener applied before entering the machine, Airo 24 can smooth the harshest fabric, give bulkiness and volume to the flattest fabric or revitalize the most delicate one.
The cost per meter is very low and allows to profit on the productivity and quality cutting the pay back time. Considering a fabric of 450 g/m entering with 60% humidity we have 0,12 kW/m, 0,05 m³/m gas or 0,819 kg/m steam. Simplicity of use and low maintenance make Airo 24 the right partner of the modern quality-oriented mill, the machine can run non-stop producing over 100.000 m/shift and 1 operator is enough to supervise production.
Thanks to an integrated cooling system at the exit based on the air flow recirculation the fabric is conditioned and delivered without creases formation. A centering device at the exit followed by a folding device (big roll optional) deliver well distended fabric with even surface, uniform selvedges and without any trace of pilling.
A steaming box at the entrance supplies a large amount of steam penetrating evenly the tightest fibre and leaving the fabric moisturized all along the width. The steaming box supplied with exhausting fan is a complete device allowing the most economical, efficient and progressive action on the fabric.
The self standing unit or the synchronized combination of Airo 24 followed by an equalizer (pins device with steam application) or by a quick passage in a small stenter frame equal in productivity that of a high productive line but make the real difference in terms of quality. Typical lay-out options are: foulard + Airo 24, exit in fold/roll, foulard + Airo 24 + j-box + equalizer, foulard + Airo 24 + j-box + tenter (highest productivity).
Airo 24 is particularly suitable for softening, drape enhancement and stability of both light and heavy fabrics with different compositions: cotton and blends fabrics, linen, viscose, corduroy, stretch fabrics, chenille, flock, synthetics, rayon, coated fabrics, technical fabrics such as flame-retardant, synthetic leather, wool, bulky hand and drying of terry towel, knitted fabrics and velvets, single or double width fabrics.

12 juill 2012 top
Nouveau site de production et de R&D: la Production et le Laboratoire vont être transférés avant septembre de Marseille à CAEN en Normandie dans une usine très moderne du Groupe Total. Nouveau site de stockage et d'expédition: un immense site logistique va ouvrir à ROUEN en Normandie. Nouveaux emballages (IBC, fûts, tonnelets) suite à l'optimisation du remplissage des produits. Les bureaux commerciaux et administratifs situés actuellement à Marseille seront déménagés dans de nouveaux locaux à Paris à partir du 1 janvier 2012.Nouveau site

Xennia Unveils Textile (Nano Process) an
7 mai 2010 top
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the Axcess line by NSC nonwoven
24 sep 2008 top
NSC nonwoven new opportunity: the Axcess line in addition to the highly successful Excelle® range of equipment
What is it? The alternative for markets targeting lower production capacity, cost adapted machinery and attractive prices with similar design quality to the Excelle® line.
What are your benefits? Durable, reliable and constant productivity over the years and low maintenance costs: the Axcess line includes cards, crosslappers, drafters, needlelooms, winders and slitter-rewinders.
NSC nonwoven provide complete turnkey Axcess solutions for process applications such as geotextiles, automotive and filtration. During the ITMA Asia show NSC nonwoven exhibited the Axcess A.30 needleloom for the first time and with great success: two A.30 needlelooms were sold and several others are under final discussions. Thanks to the combination of Axcess and Excelle® equipment NSC Nonwoven answer major customers’ expectations such as production lines adapted to local market size, cost reduction with faster production lines, lower average fabric weight, lower maintenance requirements and also customized products with in-line combination of technologies.

Arioli plasma machine
12 juin 2008 top
Arioli in Gerenzano (VA) Italy designed a new machine for plasma treatments to increase the hydrophilic nature of fabrics hence improving the performances of dyestuffs and chemical products on the fabrics. A smaller machine for laboratory trials is available in the Arioli premises to test customers’ fabrics. Recently the first plant was sold to Saati in Appiano Gentile (CO) Italy, a very well-known company producing technical fabrics. This machine will be installed in line with a tenter frame and will be running in June 2008. The aim of the machine is to improve the hydrophilicity of the polyester fabrics and to obtain a better coating result. As a matter of fact the plasma treated fabric better adheres to the rubber, successively coated, with a significant improvement of the length and fastness of the coupling. The new technology applies not only to dyeing and printing companies but also to all textile companies producing technical fabrics as well as third-party finishing and textile mills.
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